The OMI is proud to have hosted the Oxford-Princeton workshop on Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance on 14th and 15th October.

Huge congratulations to the collaboration between the Mathematical Institute at Oxford, and the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton for this longstanding and fruitful collaboration over the last 20 years.

Thank you to all the speakers for their wonderful talks:

Mete Soner (Princeton)
 (University of Texas, Austin)
Rene Carmona (Princeton)
Rama CONT (Oxford)
Huining Yang (Princeton)
Valentin Tissot-Daguette (Princeton)
Alain Rossier (Oxford)
Harald Oberhauser (Oxford)
Johannes Muhle-Karbe (Imperial)
Emma Hubert (Princeton)
Deqing Jiang (Oxford)
Jonathan Tam (Oxford)
Claire Zeng (Princeton)
Nikolas Michael (Oxford)
Blanka Horvath (Oxford)
Anran Hu (Oxford)
Ronnie Sircar (Princeton)

A special thanks to the organisers Ludovic Tangpi (Princeton) and Christoph Reisinger (Oxford).