Welcome to the Outreach page of the Oxford-Man Institute! Here, you will learn about cutting-edge research being conducted by our students through a series of engaging videos. These videos provide an in-depth look at the various projects and studies being undertaken by our talented researchers, and give you a glimpse into the exciting work being done at the Institute. From financial modelling to machine learning, the research being conducted at the Oxford-Man Institute is shaping the future of the field. We hope you enjoy learning about our students’ findings!


Milena Vuletić – Can Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) forecast financial time-series data?



Marcello Monga – Decentralised Finance and Automated Market Making: Execution and Speculation



Daniel Poh – Transfer Ranking in Finance: Applications to Cross-Sectional Momentum with Data Scarcity




Fayçal Drissi – Decentralised Finance and Automated Market Making: Predictable Loss and Optimal Liquidity Provision



Patrick Chang – Algorithmic Collusion in Electronic Markets