Thank you to everyone who joined our Machine Learning and Quantitative Finance conference. We had a great mix of researchers and industry experts disseminate their latest research at the beautiful Worcester College.

We had a number of excellent talks from Carmine Ventre, Javier Gil-Bazo, Matthew Dixon, Fayçal Drissi, Sam Cohen, Renyuan Xu, Markus Pelger, Mihai Cucuringu, Andreas Joseph, and Sebastian Jaimungal.

We had a great panel chaired by Mauro Cesa who promoted an interesting discussion on the role of machine learning in financial markets with Robert Barnes, Hans Buehler, Slavi Marinov, and Karen Croxson.

A special thanks to Álvaro Cartea, Blanka Horvath, and Jen Desmond for organising an amazing conference!

Links to the talks and slides, where permitted, can be found on our events page.