The OMI would like to thank everyone who participated in the London/Oxford/Warwick Mathematical Finance workshop which was held at the OMI and New College on the 5th and 6th of September.

Thank you to all the fantastic speakers:

Camilo Andres Garcia Trillos (UCL)
Filippo De Angelis (Oxford)
Nazem Khan (Warwick)
Gechun Liang (Warwick)
Patrick Chang (Oxford)
Eghbal Rahimikia (Manchester)
Yifan Jiang (Oxford)
Aleš Černý (Bayes Business School)
Puru Gupta (Warwick)
Fayçal Drissi (Oxford / Paris I)
Henry Chiu (Imperial)
Saad Labyad (Oxford)
Vicky Henderson (Warwick)

Special thanks to the organisers who made the event possible:
Álvaro Cartea
Gechun Liang
John Armstrong
Martin Herdegen
Roxana Dumitrescu
Samuel Cohen