Wednesday 23rd May 2012 – 17:30 to 18:30

Speakers: David Aikman and Sujit Kapadia (Bank of England)

Sujit Kapadia and David Aikman work as economists in the Financial Stability area of the Bank of England. Sujit currently works as a policy advisor on the secretariat of the Financial Policy Committee whilst David is a senior manager in the Prudential Policy Division.

Sujit and David will talk through the role of the new Financial Policy Committee at the Bank of England. They will cover the rationale for its existence, the Committee’s mandate and the powers it will have at its disposal. A key question they intend to focus on in their talk is which policy instruments are likely to prove most effective in mitigating systemic risk.

The presentation will draw on material set out in a Discussion Paper the Bank of England published in December.

Part of the OMI Seminar Series

Discussion paper