Applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and graph machine learning in finance have received tremendous attention within the last decade. An increasing number of areas from the applied finance community are successfully leveraging and blending tools from NLP, network analysis and graph machine learning, for tasks ranging from asset pricing, portfolio construction, and risk management, to understanding large scale supply chain networks, market crash and fraud detection. This workshop aims to illustrate the broad interplay between those techniques and analysis tools in the context of financial applications, showcasing a suite of problems of interest to both researchers and practitioners. The main goal of the proposed workshop is to bring the researchers and practitioners both from academia and industry together to brainstorm and interact on various sub-topics in the aforementioned theme; to understand the established as well as emerging novel ideas and different schools of thoughts; and, provide a place to achieve new interdisciplinary research.



Leman Akoglu (Dean’s Associate Professor of Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University)

Mihai Cucuringu (Associate Professor, University of Oxford and Turing Fellow)

Xiaowen Dong (Associate Professor, University of Oxford)

Dhagash Mehta (Head of Applied ML Research, BlackRock, Inc.)

Saurabh Nagrecha (Applied ML Researcher, eBay)

Stefan Zohren (Associate Professor, Oxford-Man Institute, University of Oxford, Turing Institute and Man Group)


More details: Workshop webpage