Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing has received a tremendous amount of attention in recent years, with investors and companies increasingly focusing on ESG metrics. With vast amounts of data available to compute such metrics, the use of data science and machine learning (ML) techniques in this context is of ever greater importance.


This workshop will be the first of its kind by specifically focusing on ML for ESG. The workshop will appeal to a wide range of audience including investment practitioners, commercial ESG score providers as well as machine learning researchers.


Organization Committee

Stefan Zohren (Associate Professor, Oxford-Man Institute, University of Oxford, Turing Institute and Man Group),

Brian Bruce (CEO and CIO, Hillcrest Asset Management; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of ESG and Impact Investing, and Journal of Behavioral Finance),

Dhagash Mehta (Head of Applied ML Research, BlackRock, Inc.)

Steven Reece (Head of Machine Learning Research and Data Science, Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment).


More details: Workshop webpage