Tuesday 7th February 2012 – 14:15 to 15:15

Speaker: Ulrich Hounyo (University of Montreal)

In this paper, we provide a bootstrap method for inference on integrated volatility based on the pre-averaging approach of Jacod et al. (2009), where the pre-averaging is done over all possible overlapping blocks of consecutive observations. The overlapping nature of the pre-averaged returns implies that these are m-dependent with m growing slowly with the sample size n. This motivates the application of a blockwise bootstrap method. We show that the « blocks of blocks » bootstrap method suggested by Bühlmann and Künsch (1995) is valid only when volatility is constant. The failure of the blocks of blocks bootstrap is due to the heterogeneity of the squared pre-averaged returns when volatility is stochastic. To preserve both the dependence and the heterogeneity of squared pre-averaged returns, we propose a novel procedure that combine the wild bootstrap with the blocks of blocks bootstrap. We provide a proof of the first order asymptotic validity of this method for percentile intervals. Our Monte Carlo simulations show that the wild blocks of blocks bootstrap improves the finite sample properties of the existing first order asymptotic theory.

Part of the OMI Seminar Series