We are in the midst of an information revolution, where advances in science and technology, as well as the day-to-day operation of successful organisations and businesses, are increasingly reliant on the analyses of data. Driving these advances is a deluge of data, which is outstripping the increase in computational power available to process it. Research in machine learning, AI & data science is already transforming our ability to work with large amounts of complex information. Over the next few years these trends will revolutionise how we think about data, how we process and visualise it, and how we put it to use.



Steve Roberts (OMI Director) Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop

Owain Evans (Future of Humanity Institute) “Human-in-the-loop Reinforcement learning for Avoiding Catastrophes”

Andrea Vedaldi (Information Engineering) “Learning Deep Representations for Image Understanding”

David Clifton (Computational Health Informatics) “Machine Learning vs Healthcare”