At the Oxford-Man Institute (OMI) we address fundamental problems in quantitative finance with a strong focus on machine learning and data driven models. We achieve this by providing a forum for academics from various disciplines and industry participants to create and implement ideas. Our members and visitors employ tools from various sources such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, financial theory and practice, and mathematics. Among our objectives are to provide new insights into how markets work, and to develop new tools for financial decision making. As a result, our research output and activities are relevant to all stakeholders in the economy, including industry participants, and financial regulators.

The OMI provides the freedom to do innovative work. One of our main strengths is to attract distinguished experts and young researchers to an environment that stimulates collaboration. We endeavour to facilitate research and increase the impact of the OMI’s research output in a number of ways, including cross-collaboration, seminars, and providing data and physical space. The breadth of the University of Oxford affiliated departments speaks to our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Our seminars and conferences are pivotal in the life of the OMI and key to the dissemination of cutting-edge ideas. Members and visitors have access to a user friendly web-based data library. Finally, we provide working space at the OMI offices in a premium location of the university and in a vibrant neighbourhood of Oxford.


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